2021 Ithaka APK 17.5" GRP, medium tree with combination panel. Black patten on the cantle with bright blue stitching


The Kentaur 'Ithaka APK' Dressage Saddle is New version of the favorite dressage saddle Ithaka with a short to medium external knee roll (knee roll is 26cm) which allows freedom of the riders knee. It has been designed with short coupled and short back shaped horses in mind, and features compact panels that are gusseted to maximise weight distribution (without the length of a regular style panel). It is built on a deep saddle tree and is adjustable by reputable saddle fitters.


Model: Ithaka APK

Tree: GRP, medium 

Colour: Black

Seat Size: 17.5"

Panel: Combination

Trim: Black patten cantle

Stitching: Bright blue 



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