2020  17" Kronos, webflex medium tree with pro panel and forward flap.


The Kentaur ‘Kronos’ Jumping Saddle is an innovative new jump saddle released by KenTaur in 2018. This state-of-the-art saddle has been developed over many years by professional riders, with a comfortable panel that is made of soft foam with a firmer base that is anatomically shaped for the horse’s shoulders. Incorporating aspects of the popular Kentaur ‘Titan’ Saddle but with a flatter seat, new WEBFLEX tree and memory foam knee flaps, the Kronos is a revolutionary jump saddle designed to maximise performance.


The WEBFLEX tree is covered by weaved textile straps that helps the saddle mould to the rider’s seat bones, with increased suspension and shock absorption for comfort. The memory foam enhances the ‘close contact’ feeling and again moulds to the rider’s shape. You can also configure the size and shape of the knee blocks - please contact us prior to ordering for a more in-depth explanation. 


Panels are only available in latex. 


Model: Kronos

Tree: Webflex, medium 

Colour: Tobacco

Seat Size: 17

Panel: latex, pro panel +2 rise

Piping: Bright blue

Stitching: Bright blue


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