The Afrodite Carbon Fiber Dressage Saddle Kentaur has developed a carbon saddle tree based on the very good experience with the carbon saddle tree in the Titan model.


This saddle tree is laminated with many layers of carbon and Kevlar which are two special types of composite fibers.The curing of the saddle tree takes place in a special oven with a consistent temperature. All the air bubbles that can occur within each layer during the lamination process are sucked away.This vacuum creates a totally homogeneous saddle tree which is characterized by its ease, firmness, flexibility, non-deformability and shape stability. Thanks to its small thickness, the rider's contact with the horse improves considerably.


The Carbon Saddle Tree is unique shock absorbing and helps create perfect synergy between horse and rider.The Carbon Saddle Gullet is with Kentaur's standard adjustable headstone, which comes in 5 different sizes and is interchangeable or adjustable by pressure on the press machine.The combination of carbon saddle tree and interchangeable / adjustable copper is currently very unique on the world market within saddles.


This model is made on a deep tree. Featuring large knee rolls and anatomically designed saddle flaps that offer the rider extra security in the saddle. The wide flocked panel offers easy adjustments for each horse and is a good alternative to the Elektra, as it´s built on a deeper, and at the back, wider tree.



Afrodite Carbon Technology

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