Bambay Bonnets always have been, and always will be 100% hand crafted in our home in Ontario, Canada. Our bonnets are made with the highest quality materials that have been rigorously tested to withstand life on and around horses. Unlike other bonnet brands, we only use top of the line cotton yarn that has been specially pressure-treated to not fade, stretch, or shrink even after repeated use and washes. The ears on Bambay Bonnets are crafted our of human-grade athletic fabric that allows for superior breathability and stretch. Only the best will do for our horses!


Rinestones and Ear Embroidery available... 


Don’t see an option or colour you’re looking for? Just ask us! We can get almost anything upon request.


Basic Bonnet (includes one trim colour) $60

Additional Trim Colour $10

Row of Cording $10

Row of Rinestones $10

Ear Embroidery $10

Row of Coloured Crystals $15

Scalloped Edge $15

Tie Down $20

BamBay Bonnets

Base Colours
Trim Colours - see pictures for exact colours
Crystal Colours - see pictures for exact colours
Cord Colours - see pictures for exact colours