Philip, a soft and lean leather covered mullen bit.


Flexible and pleasant in the mouth by a flexible core, particularly suitable for a sensitive or young horse

As the horse salivates, the saliva softens the bit, making it more comfortable and shaped after the horse's mouth.

Even horses that generally dislike bits in their mouth often
accept this material and can learn to trust the hand of a gentle rider again.

Our leather bits are tanned vegetable and stitched by hand.


Philip has regular loose rings, without Fagers TOL™ system. 

Loose rings allow for the quick response and fast reactions.

We recommend always to use bit guard to avoid pinching the horse 


Are you looking for a kind bit and have a sensitive horse, this bit is worth trying. Perfect to have between other bits for communication work as well.


Note: Philip is not suitable for horses that chew a lot on bits.


This is our points of experience after developing and let equestrians try this product:


✅Our mouthpieces are tanned vegetable and stitched by hand.


✅Both bar and tongue pressure are applied when you ride with contact.


✅Virtually every horse likes the feeling of leather in their mouth and reacts with increased chewing activity and more salivation.


✅Perfect for young and highly sensitive horses or by horses that don´t accept metal bits.

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