Oliver with a twist.


The twist creates more pressure points on the bars making it stronger than smooth cheekpieces. The Circle link centerpiece follows the contour of the horse's tongue and is suitable for horses that use its tongue to push against the bit to take control. Providing a thin but bigger surface the center ring disperse pressure and are more severe than the French link and the Buster Roller. Oliver gives more pressure on the bars than on the tongue. It is highly appreciated by horses that don´t like point pressure on their tongue.


Our loose rings allow for immediate release and relief from bar and tongue pressure. The bit is immediately reset to a neutral position in the horse's mouth.

Fager's loose rings with wings have a new and unique feature called TOL™

This Turn Over Lock system prevents the ring to overbend and hit the molars while working your horse. This fantastic feature protects the teeth and makes anxious and tense horses more relaxed.

Check out how it works here 🎦.

Some riders think their horse is a bit too heavy and get slower reactions on Dee rings; then I would recommend trying loose rings with Wings instead. 

The wings are an excellent way to avoid pinching of your horse lips and prevent the bit being pulled through the mouth.


Our points of experience after developing and let equestrians try this product:


✅Oliver mouthpiece doesn’t take up much space and is comfortable for horses to accept.

✅A slightly more bar than tongue pressure is applied when you ride with contact. 

✅TOL™ prevents the loose rings to turn over and push on the horse's molars. 

✅Sweet iron (blue alloy) is more often accepted by the horse than bits without sweet iron.

✅The Circle link centerpiece follows the contour of the horse's tongue and is suitable for horses that use its tongue to push against the bit to take control.



Fagers Twisted Circle Link Wings Bit - O L I V E R