Tom is a member of our Universal Ring family.


With Universal rings (2 1/2 rings) bit you can choose how much pressure you want to put on the horse poll.

With the reins in the big ring, there is almost no poll pressure.

Attach your reins to the bottom ring, and you get more poll pressure divided on the tongue/bars.


Toms mouthpiece has loose copper rings on centerpiece that creates more tongue pressure than on the bars when riding with a connection. Together with the taste of sweet iron with copper engraving, this bit is readily accepted even by very picky and sensitive horses.

Centerpiece rings also give the horse something to play with.


The Universal rings are divided where the middle piece is attached. This makes the whole bit steady against the side of the horse. Also, the divided rings make the pressure more even than regular Universal rings.


Middle piece slides along the Universal ring, and the more rein you take, more of the middle piece glides upwards and creates more pressure on the poll and bars/tongue.


We have tried this bit on horses that easily pulls and gets a bit excited, for example when galloping outside, jumping, been resting for a couple of days, etc. The same horse can also be a lot calmer the next day and still work great on Tom.

Tom overall was highly accepted on the horses and ponies we tried it on, and after been riding with the reins in the bottom rings, they could be moved to the bigger rings during the same ride, and the horse still gave the same relaxed feeling.


Hard and shaky hands are not to recommend when it comes to any bit where the pressure is increased by leverage.


This is our points of experience after developing and let equestrians try this product:

✅With a steady hand, this bit is highly accepted by most horses and ponies.

✅Perfect to switch the reins from big ring to bottom ring whenever you need more control.

✅Both neck pressure and lounge/bar pressure are applied when you ride with contact.

✅Sweet iron (blue alloy) is more accepted by the horse than without.

✅Tom is to recommend before our other Universal bits David and Olivia if your horse prefers bar pressure over tongue pressure.

✅Tom is a sleek, thin bit (Check size guide) that doesn't take a lot of space in the horse mouth.

Fagers Universal 3 Copper Rings Bit - T O M