The top rider Henrik von Eckermanns noseband is sold with two interchangeable nosebands for additional flexibility. One of them is flat with soft padding, and the other one is formable with round stitched leather for a sharper effect, or can be formed to avoid the nasal bone entirely. The noseband is very popular among jumpers who compete at horse shows and like to vary the amount of effect depending on place, horse and occasion.


Recommended for horses that: 

  • Are quirky, or too bold
  • Are pulling on the bit
  • Needs variety of the equipment


Are strong and forward going Extra features:

  • Designed by top rider Henrik von Eckermann
  • Avoids pressure
  • Two variations of the same noseband
  • Flat, Italian, vegetable tanned leather
  • FEI approved for both horses and ponies in all disciplines

Noseband HvE