The upswept design of the Paragon noseband allows clearance for the cheekbones while avoiding pressure on the molars. It is fastened via an anatomically padded crank attached to D rings which offer more freedom of the jaw. An easy on/off snap is included with the Paragon; simply remove for competition. A unique feature of this noseband is that it's equipped with our Magic Flash™, which means that you can easily detach the flash strap and its holder without leaving any visible marks.


Recommended for horses that:

  • Are moderately to severely sensitive over the molars
  • Are sensitive to pressure
  • Struggles to relax and get to work
  • Teeth issues


Mouth injuries Extra features:

  • Avoids pressure
  • Leaves the sensitive nerve endings free
  • Pullbackstrap with snap hook
  • Round stitched
  • English, vegetable tanned leather
  • FEI approved for both horses and ponies in all disciplines

Noseband Paragon